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Meet the Staff

jamee 2 9-19.png
Jamee Long, TRMC, City Secretary/Administrator
2023-3-13 Steven Hill.jpg
Steven Hill, Water/Wastewater Operator
Leigh Hollis.GIF
Leigh Hollis, P.E., Halff Associates, Operations Manager
Diana Kotlinski, City Clerk
Bobbie Fulks.jpg
Bobbie Fulks,
Utility Clerk
Jeff Lashley.jpg
Jeff Lashley, Water/Wastewater Operator
Ron King.GIF
Ronald King, P.E., Halff Associates, Water/Wastewater Team Leader
2023-1-17 Jonathan Doonan.jpg
Jonathan Doonan, Water/Wastewater Operator
2023-1-18 Alicia.jpg
Alicia K. Kreh, City Attorney, TOASE L.L.P.
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