Thank you for considering building in Annetta!  Not all required permits are listed.  If you are unsure if you need a permit, please call our office at (817) 441-5770. 

All Permit & Contractor Registry Applications should be emailed at one time by the main builder applying for the permit, in one complete package to PERMITS@ANNETTATX.GOV

All permits require inspections and a passing Final Inspection.  Please call Bureau Veritas if you are unsure what inspections are required.

All permit applications require homeowner's email address by which they will be copied on all communication.  

Please review Zoning Ordinance 215 for new requirements in Annetta, Ordinance 168- Building Code and our Engineering Design Manual for more details.


  • ALL contractors will need to register with the Town of Annetta's Contractor Registry. 

  • We need their current driver's license, master's license and proof of general commercial liability insurance issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in Texas in amounts not less than $300,000 for each occurrence for personal injury or death, and not less than $100,000 for each occurrence for property damage. 

  • All contractors shall pay a registration fee unless otherwise exempted by state law from such fee requirement.  The fee for an initial registration is $100, with an annual renewal fee of $50. 

  • Building permits will not be issued until all documentation is submitted.  NO work whatsoever shall start without a permit. You are at risk of double the permit fee if you are caught working without a permit. 

  • Please download the Contractor Registration Form.


The building inspector receives inspection requests by appointment.  To schedule an inspection, please call Bureau Veritas at

(877) 837-8775 and leave a request.


    • ​Please read the following requirements. If you have any questions, please call our office at the number above.


    • We require building plans, plot/site plans (include legal description, lot dimensions and must show locations of all buildings, proposed location of new building with distance from property lines and existing buildings), foundation plans sealed by a State of Texas licensed engineer, energy report, & wind bracing plans- ALL IN DIGITAL FORMAT on a flash drive or emailed to (PDF formatted to print 11"x 17").

    • Please see Zoning Ordinance 215 and (Under Ordinances) and the Engineering Design Manual for details. (Under the Utilities tab)


    • We require building plans, plot/site plans to include legal description, lot dimensions and must show locations of all buildings, proposed location of new building with distance from property lines, septic and existing buildings.  All documents are submitted digitally to

    • If your accessory building is less than 200 square feet and will not have electrical/plumbing/heat or air conditioning and will not be on a concrete foundation slab, you will not require a permit. 

    •  A greater than 24 ft. span or larger requires licensed professional engineered designs of all the span support members, including the foundation.

    • Please see Zoning Ordinance 215 for more details.


    • We require pool plans,  site plans, plot plans & completed packet submitted in digital format on a flash drive or emailed to (PDF formatted to print 11"x17").

    • Pool site plans are required to be approved by either ONCOR or Tri-County prior to submission.

    • We require that you notify the Homeowner of the Building Code barrier requirements included in this packet.

    • Please note there is an additional fee for a spa and gas connection.  For any propane work, we require a copy of the propane installer's Railroad Commission License.  If your plumber will be installing natural gas, they must complete the plumber's permit application.  


    • We require a copy of the irrigation company's license. Please submit irrigation plans. See Ordinance 192 page 96.

    •  You must complete and turn in a backflow prevention assembly test and maintenance report for the reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly as defined and required in Title 30 Part 1 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chapter §344.50.   With on-site sewer, double check valves are not allowed §344.50(c). 

    • Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report

  • SOLICITORS PERMIT APPLICATION    Download this form and complete.  Please read Ordinance 150 for details.


Please watch for solicitors without a permit.  All solicitors should have a Town of Annetta badge with their permit information.  Refer solicitors without a permit to Town Hall, 450 Thunder Head Lane, Annetta.

Please note:

  • Roll Off containers shall be provided by Republic Services only.  Republic Services is the contract refuse removal service for Annetta, you can contact Republic Services at (817) 441-2303.

  • Contractors need to contact Bureau Veritas at (877) 837-8775 at least 24 hours prior to the requested inspection(s).  We use the 2015 International Residential Code for Building Inspections.