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Town Updates

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Information

  • TCEQ Information

    The Town of Annetta is proud to announce the designation of Superior Public Water System for the Town of Annetta Deer Creek Water System.
    The Town of Annetta, since purchasing the Deer Creek water and wastewater systems, has made sizable investments and commitments to excellence.
    The requirements, outlined by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), are listed below. The requirements include water quality, treatment, pumping and storage capacity.
    Public water supply systems which achieve and maintain recognition must exceed the minimum acceptable standards of the commission in these sections.
    (1) To attain recognition as a “Superior Public Water System,” the following additional requirements must be met:
    • (A) Physical facilities shall comply with the requirements in these sections.
    • (B) There shall be a minimum of two certified operators with additional operators required for larger systems.
    • (C) The system’s microbiological record for the previous 24 months period shall indicate no violations (frequency, number or MCL) of the drinking water standards.
    • (D) The quality of the water shall comply with all primary water quality parameters listed in the drinking water standards.
    • (E) The chemical quality of the water shall comply with all secondary constituent levels listed in the drinking water standards.
    • (F) The system’s operation shall comply with applicable state statutes and minimum acceptable operating practices set forth in §290.46 of this title (relating to Minimum Acceptable Operating Practices for Public Drinking Water Supplies).
    • (G) The system’s capacities shall meet or exceed minimum water system capacity requirements set forth in §290.45 of this title (relating to Minimum Water System Capacity Requirements).
    • (H) The system shall have at least two wells, two raw water pumps or a combination of these with enough capacity to provide average daily consumption with the largest well or pump out of service. This requirement shall also apply to treatment plant pumps necessary for operation in accordance with §290.42 of this title (relating to Water Treatment).
    • (I) The water system shall be well maintained and the facilities shall present a pleasing appearance to the public.


"The Town of Annetta has earned a SUPERIOR rating from the TCEQ regarding water quality and service." Mayor Bruce Pinckard

  • Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is a document that provides consumers information about the quality of drinking water in an easy to read format.  The CCR summarizes information that your water system already collects to comply with federal and state (TCEQ) regulations.  It includes information about the source(s) of water uses (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs or aquifers), chemical contaminants, bacteriological contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, educational health information, water system contact information and public participating opportunities.  TCEQ requirements for the CCR can be found in 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 290 Subchapter H:  Consumer Confidence Reports.

The TCEQ requires every community public water system (PWS) to provide a CCR to their customers by July 1 of every year, 30 TAC Section 290.271(a), which includes information from the previous calendar year.  This report is also known as an annual water quality report or drinking water quality report.



Texas Smartscape

Texas Smartscape is a Program of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Regional Stormwater Management Coordinating Council to help promote education on pollution prevention through efficient and effective water use for the benefit of all citizens. Please see website for a “Smart Yard”, design tools, and plant species that benefit Texas and your water bill. 



Texas Water Development Board provides extensive drought-related resources available online.


Texas Drought Monitor

Updated regularly for counties throughout Texas.

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