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Our Vision

The Town of Annetta will continue to uphold its commitment to preserving a safe, healthy, and attractive quality of life for all of its residents while maintaining fiscal responsibility and planning for expected growth and the challenges that come with it.  Annetta commits to being a vibrant community with a high standard of living that is complemented by a unique and beautiful natural environment that it seeks to preserve.

Our History

The Annetta Community was established by A.B. Fraser around 1880, when the Texas & Pacific Railroad was built through Parker County from Fort Worth. Mr. Fraser was originally from Nova Scotia, but emigrated to Louisiana and became an ardent Southerner. 

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Our Sales Tax

We have a responsibility to our community, we work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of our beautiful town.  Town of Annetta does not levy Advalorem Tax. 

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Annetta Weather Station:

Staff & Opportunities 

We are extremely lucky to have an amazing staff that overlooks our small but strong government.

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