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Alpacas in Annetta

A little girl extends her hand with some grassy hay in order to feed her new fuzzy friend. She gently strokes his neck as he crunches down on the delightful hay. “Hello little guy,” the little girl whispers as she attempts to contains her excitement. This was her first time to ever see an alpaca up close and she didn’t want to miss a moment of it.

Alpacas are often seen as comforting, calm companions. Jayme and Dustin Haney enjoy sharing their love for these animals by opening their 10.5-acre alpaca farm to the public every year. This year on September 23rd and 24th, these fuzzy alpacas were open to friends and families across the Town of Annetta.

Hundreds of people came out to the Haney farm where over 50 alpacas were roaming around, lounging and visiting with children and families alike. These majestic animals seem to brighten up the whole community — including the Haney family.

“We first got the alpacas to help calm my sons. Alpacas are such kind animals and the community loves them,” says Jayme Haney, co-owner of the alpaca farm.

Jayme and her husband don’t just raise alpacas, but they also breed them to show at competitions every year. The Haney family often shows their alpacas in Texas and Oklahoma and have won several ribbons that continue to decorate the walls of their shucking room at their Annetta farm.

Jamie shared, “When they go to show we aren’t allowed to groom them. One time, one of our alpacas slept on poop and had it smeared down her side the next day. But we had to show her as is. She ended up winning that competition.”

Despite traveling often to show their animals, the Haney family shares their farm daily with schools, friends and other groups wanting to see the alpacas. The Town of Annetta community greatly appreciates the Haney family’s hospitality and hope they have open farm days for years to come.

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